Become a Jr. Sabres Host Family!

Buffalo Jr. Sabres Billet (Host) Families play a vital role in our organizations success both on and off the ice.  These special people open their homes and hearts to our players, providing a safe environment to live, learn and develop over the 9 month hockey season.

Host families invite players, aged 15-20, into their homes to become part of their family.  Most players arrive in the Buffalo area in late August and potentially stay to the end of the school year, depending on the age of the player.  Additionally, it is expected the players take an active role in many aspects of family life with their billets. The values and principles for success that are asked of our players on the ice, will be absolutely expected off the ice and in your homes as well.

The Billet experience is a rich hockey tradition which is truly rewarding, with a unique connection that lasts a lifetime.  Players often keep in contact with their Billets long after they are done playing, keeping them updated of their family and life’s accomplishments. If you ask any young player that has played away from home, their fondest memories likely include their Billets.

To become a Buffalo Jr. Sabres Host Family, please contact our Billet Coordinator, John Daigneau  (  Billet family responsibilities would be:


  1.  Safe environment that will allow the player to develop on and off the ice and in the classroom
  2. Own room or shared room with a second billet player
  3. Room should have a bed, desk, closet space, chair and basic necessities
  4.  Nutritious food for three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or the ability for the player to make his own meals.
  5. Ability to access the Internet and use of amenities in home such as TV, radio, washer and dryer, etc.
  6. Have home available to the billet player for length of season, school year or work agreement, as agreed upon by billet player and host family.
  7. House rules for billet player to follow.
  8. Provide parking space for billet that has their own transportation.
  9. Each family member over 18 years of age will complete Background Screening Program.
  10. Billet family will receive a fixed $400 per month as reimbursement for expenses.

Each year we are looking for new families to join our organization, and provide a great home for one of our players. If you have questions or are interested in becoming a Host Family, please contact us.


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